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When the bonus winkelschleifer player equips the cape, the boost automatically activates.
Veteran cape (5 year tier 20 * 4 Armour * 3 Strength bonus * 3 Ranged bonus * 3 Magic bonus Obtain: Free Bought from Hans Reclaim From Hans for a fee Degrades: No Type: All Fourth best F2P cape that grants a damage bonus.If a player only has one level 99 skill, the cape will be in the regular style, with all of the cape having the same colour except for the icon.This process can be reversed at will.This accounts for the price of the capes.Capes of accomplishments are created using Raharni wildcat fur due to its properties.However, once a player achieves a second level 99 skill, all of their skill capes casino de monte carlo wikipedia of achievement (including any earlier obtained capes) will receive a graphical enhancement in the form of a trim of a different colour.The capes' restriction to paying members has often been a source of debate.This includes Piety and Chivalry from the Knight Waves as well as Rapid Renewal, Rigour, and Augury from Dungeoneering.Constitution: Doubles life points regained over time.Return to Top Minigame/Activity Capes Some capes can be only be obtained from the many minigames and activities within RuneScape.Thieving: Lowers your stunned time when caught from.2 seconds.Reward from Starlight promotion on Treasure Hunter.Capes of Accomplishment may be consumed by the max, completionist, and trimmed completionist capes in order to unlock up to three of those effects.Passive Cooking cape Cooks' Guild Head chef The cape's perk prevents all food from burning while cooking, making it superior to the cooking gauntlets.There are 10 salesmen that wander the wilderness selling these capes, and their general locations are listed below.
Minigame/Activity capes, utility/Skilling capes, capes of Achievement, capes of Distinction.

Many of these capes can also be bought from shops around RuneScape.The colour of the hood is the same as the untrimmed cape's base colour, and can also be worn without the cape and vice-versa.Best to obtain when Starfire / Starfury is unavailable and the account is less than 10 years old.Cape, starfire / Starfury cape, tier 40 * 11 Armour * 7 Strength bonus * 7 Ranged bonus * 7 Magic bonus, obtain: Unobtainable.Passive Attack cape Warriors' Guild Ajjat The cape's perk gives a 2 chance for degradable items not to degrade (this does not apply to augmented items, lenovo y520 pcie slot except those that degrade to dust ).Best to obtain when Starfire / Starfury is unavailable.Return to Top Capes of Distinction These capes require you to complete various objectives and tasks before they can be bought, ranging from obtaining level 10 in all skills for a simple milestone cape to some of the hardest and most time consuming accomplishments.They are arranged below; from left to right, they are : the Saradomin cloak, the Zamorak cloak, the Guthix cloak, the Armadyl cloak, the Bandos cloak, and the Ancient cloak.

For this reason, the process of getting a second level 99 skill is sometimes referred to as "trimming" a cape.
On 5 September 2012 some skillcapes received an update which changed the icon on the back.
They are dropped by trolls in Burthorpe and Taverley, and can be bought from other players or from the Grand Exchange.