To obtain detailed information about deposits, you virtual poker chip counter can call the bank at in pci e x1 card in x16 slot Moscow; Common reference desk for regions.
To open a deposit, it is necessary to have a document certifying your identity.
To open a deposit, you may apply at any office of the bank.When you open a deposit account, money can be deposited both in cash as well as by transfer of funds.Our specialists will help you choose the optimal type of deposit in terms of investment period and currency as well as consult on the required documentation.When a deposit is repaid and accrued interest is paid, the bank pays the amount in cash to the customer or credits the amount to the customers personal account.You can execute a Power of Attorney to dispose of your deposit at an office of the bank.
A deposit with early withdrawal, but no additions permitted, which enables the funding of current operations with funds deposited in case of emergency.

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