Can expect funds in 1-2 business days unless it is an unusually significant amount.
Lets say Chase customer John Doe is in good standing with the bank and normally keeps a high balance in his account and wants to deposit a 10,000 check.But keep in mind that even if your bank is still waiting for the money from the paying institution, they can still release the funds to be available to you.Note: Even though a bank may be open on a Saturday or Sunday, it may not be considered a business day.Note: This is a post from Joan Concilio, Man.(Our savings account, with its infrequent transactions, oyster card deposit history does have its own matching register, but I dont try to marry the two!).
Chase Bank ATM Check Deposit, myBankTracker examined factors that determine how long it takes for your check to clear and what you can expect after you make your deposit.

If the bank delay availability for one of these reasons, funds may not be available until the seventh business day after the day of your deposit.Here are 5 reasons why I think this works for us: We only have ONE account that has any money going out of it, so its not super-complicated to keep track.Along with that, this forces you to see the truth about your finances.H R Block home page, zero.However, mobile check deposits will clear in roughly the same amount of time as a regular check deposit made at an ATM.If youve consistently bounced checks or overdrawn your account, you will have an idea of why that check for 5,000 isnt clearing within the average amount of time.Question, answer, youre almost always better off married filing jointly (MFJ).That really motivated me to take action.The post-dated check acts as an agreement to pay with the expectation that the recipient doesnt deposit it until the date written on the check.Citibank The first 200 of your total deposits will be available immediately on the business day of the deposit.25 selected branches will remain open from 9:00am to 8:00pm from (Monday to Friday) and from 9:00am to 5:00pm on Saturdays across the country. .However, this is only true if only one spouse is liable on a separate return.Read more about Joan here.This receipt was from Chase for a deposit that was made.
But also, there was a time in my life in which it mattered to the cent how much I had in the checkbook, because if I was off by a couple of dollars, checks would start bouncing.
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