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Zephiel can take hits of any kind and counterattack in a brutal fashion.
37 Attack is stellar, and it's backed up by his solid Defense, workable Speed and Basilikos.Fallen Mareeta joins the swordmaster squad with a good 33 Atk and a blisteringly high 41 Spd.Such units in the permanent summoning pool include Olivia, Ninian, Azura, and Lene, while special, seasonal refreshers were also introduced as well.With a Gronnraven build, she can handle a good amount stardust casino kollupitiya of enemies.The, black Knight has high stats all around aside from low Res.Hit and Run / Drag Back remain options for her if one prioritizes unit safety.6/17: Added Legion: Masked Maniac.That alone would have been fine, but Bold Fighter also grants the user extra Special charges during combat, which can be just completely ridiculous, especially when the Quick Riposte Seal can also allow the user to perform a follow-up attack on the enemy phase, letting.With his low Speed and poor Resistance, Ike is relatively easy to pick off from magical attackers, such as tome and dragons.Unfortunately, her middling statline and inability to be merged has her struggle to take advantage.Niles: Cruel to Be Kind B- With a hopelessly low Attack stat of 25 and only "good" Speed stat, Niles struggles a great deal in the current metagame.His inability to have boons limits his overall potential as a unit as well.
She makes for a good candidate for pretty much any of the staff refine combos (Dazzling Wrathful, bank insättningsgaranti Gravity Dazzling, etc and more importantly, her impressive Speed makes it difficult for opponents to double her, somewhat mitigating her low durability.
Micaiah can be built any number of ways, with offensively minded variants utilizing Death Blow for an easier time at ohkoing targets and defensively minded variants relying on Distant Defense to improve her staying power.

Blade tome users are an obvious recipient of the skill due to their heavy reliance on field buffs, but Nino gets a special mention for having a one-up on all of them with Iris's Tome, a personal -Blade tome without their usual Cooldown penalty and.She's the perfect candidate for Wrath, as its threshold corresponds to Sol Katti's, allowing Lyn to always 2 charge special an enemy she's initiating against.Full flier teams excel in offense and movement freedom.However, the usefulness of her Resistance lies solely in ploying and increased Iceberg damage; like with Halloween Sakura, having a dedicated mage killer is generally not necessary wife bonus mamamia since other units can easily be built to handle mages they have color advantage over, and it otherwise.And of course, her intense back pain is the biggest downfall of all.Luke: Rowdy Squire B With good Attack stat and solid physical Defense, Luke is a decent mounted Sword unit.Fortunately, her stats are just high enough to the point where they can be abused and she makes particularly good use out of Bold Fighter and Death Blow.If you are, again, a layman.Halloween Mia, the game's first airborne healer.He unfortunately lacks a defined niche.The Firesweep Bow set naturally makes great use out of Swift Sparrow, but Hinoka's good Resistance stat makes her effective at using ploys as well; of the ones available in the game, Speed ploy and Def Ploy stand out the most.Clarisse: Sniper in the Dark C Sadly, spunk and attitude do little to change Clarrise's underwhelming statline.Kagero: Beverage Ninja S- Having been entrusted with a top secret mission, Kagero must don the shameful attire of a Nohrian maid to fulfill her duty.Or, one could use a Firesweep weapon and Quickened Pulse for the same effect.However, if this isn't a problem, she could instead run Wrath, as she's an infantry melee unit.Ostian Counter is a powercrept Distant Counter, with the additional Sturdy Stance effect completely overriding Distant Counter's tradeoff.