(I also shared this process in my insta-stories.
If so, you probably already know, there is way more planning and work than what guests may see.scroll TAP below TO shop* On the dessert table, we used several white cake stands and platters for truffles, cupcakes resembling flower blooms, and the little delights that stole the show- the authentic macarons from MacarOn Cafe, shipped down from Manhattan.I swear I witnessed a miracle, cruising to south Alabama, loaded to the gills with unprotected glass and ceramic- not a single chip or break.If you are digging the pattern, the shop carries a ton of other matching party supplies here.But, this is your first chance to have fun with some creativity.Here ) she could use throughout her planning process, with her future monogram.But, even having some made fresh at a fancy hotel did not come close to comparing to these.My mom uses a lot of color in her home so having the white backdrop for the food makes it stand out more as a presentation.scroll TAP below TO shop.A couple years ago, a local Crate and Barrel was moving and had a huge sale they were even selling their shelving, stock supplies, and customer shopping baskets.Friends, do you remember when my brother planned his proposal over Thanksgiving and asked me to photograph the special moment?
(If you need prizes, even if your shower isnt garden poker deutschland legal themed, orchids are fantastic.) We planned two games - the first was Bridal Emoji Pictionary for the entire group.

We bought bunches of peonies, hydrangeas, and a few other garden varieties to split into arrangements throughout the zones.You can choose your own amounts/fund ultimately, she was given the full pot, anyway Again, the ladies loved this activity Obviously, I was feeling poetic The final zone was the gift opening zone.This stuff is inexpensive and makes it easy to fill in bare spaces.Copyright Myer Pty Ltd, loading.I remember being engaged and loving anything monogrammed with my future initials.The second game, I prepared in advance while it was for Madeline specifically, the ladies loved being able to listen.scroll TAP below TO shop* Just be sure to use labels or cards indicating the flavors of each.To recap, the five zones were: Entry/welcome/sign in table Food dessert tables Mimosa bar Guest favor station Gift opening/game area There were actually balloons and signage at the mailbox but with the crazy weather, I never made it out for photographic proof) If you are.A few things were established up front.and the loose theme would be a garden party of sorts.This saves a ton of time.We picked up a few wooden plate racks for literally cents; Mama Nan revitalized hers in a bright white and came up with the idea of using some to display the paper goods.We set up a sign-in table just inside the front door yes, we had the box of recipes so guests could drop their special cards but we also had a little sign-in book for wishes and tips.In this story, I am young Melanie (Smooter not Carmichael) haha.Madeline had commented on this table I had styled for Valentines day so I wanted to give her a little hint of that in her shower.Scott Schaay, hazel lovene clayton, my deepest sympathy to all the Clayton family.
scroll TAP below TO shop* The tall orchid was the prize for the guest game winner.
Vases, platters, lanterns if I thought it was a possibility, I stacked it in the car (Jenga-style).