breaching security skyrim bonus reward

Enter the building, then head downstairs to the living quarters to speak with Kodlak, the closest thing the Companions have to a kelowna casino chances leader.
Open the hawk door first to collect a chest, then close the door again before turning the pillar to the serpent symbol and pulling the lever to open that door, which leads further into the temple.
Fight the Draugr, then pull the chain to open the gate and slide down the stream into a cavern, where a more powerful enemy awaits.
You'll automatically board a nearby carriage.Interact with the statue to do this, which will unlock the tomb.Slay the Draugr, and you'll find yourself at the same location with the Nirnroot.Proceed into the clearing just ahead, where you must fight a dragon.Follow Ancano to the Archmage's Quarters, where the mage awaits.The best route is to simply sneak up on him and pickpocket the keys.Pick the lock and enter to find Aventus chanting the words of the Black Sacrament.This leads to a room with powerful Draugr (and a possible Dragon Priest if you are of a high level but the "boss" is worth it for the Word Wall behind him, which will teach you a word of the Disarm Shout.Logrolf the Willful, the priest of Boethiah that Molag Bal mentioned, is imprisoned in a random location, a cop-out usually exclusive to radiant quests.
Take the door to the study, then ascend to the door leading to the upper balcony of the lower district.
Kill the ghosts in the newly revealed room, then collect the potions lying around here.

Finally, the armor deals poison damage to nearby enemies, and it can somehow distinguish friend from foe.As you leave, Quaranir shows.Talk to Falk Firebeard in the Blue Palace, and he will give you a quest summoning you to investigate lights and sounds coming out of Wolf Skull Cave which is located in the mountains west of Solitude.Follow the map marker to one of the entrances and head down into this hidden dungeon, though be warned that this area of the College is no safe haven.Again, there are a few bear traps in your path, so be wary.Try the door, and the Augur will decide to open it for you.Enter the fort there and fight your way down.In the menu, equip each weapon or spell to the desired hand by pulling the corresponding trigger.She makes you the new leader of the Dark Brotherhood (which, being the Listener, you were already entitled to be) and gives you her blade OF WOE (another Oblivion reference).Boethiah is pleased with your accomplishment, conferring the mail onto you and giving you her blessing.The best way to get into the facility is to find the sewer entrance that Vex mentioned, marked by an optional objective marker.Either way you will get a Daedric item of Hircine.Luckily, it also makes him more vulnerable to the opposite element, so when he uses his fire shield, use frost spells, and vice versa.Accept, and the next quest in this questline will begin.
When you reach the top of the Throat of the World, a dragon will land in front of you.