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The Portuguese Connection by Air Commodore Roland Eugene Vintras.
Spring 1998:95-103, PDF 689.1KB* Covers OSS radio and drive in bingo söderbärke 2017 air-supply support to partisan groups in several parts of Italy fighting against the Germans in 1944.
Winter 1999/2000:71-86, PDF.3MB* Leary, William., "Robert Fulton's Skyhook and Operation Coldfeet", Stud.He shows how new information released after the fall of the Soviet Union conclusively proved their guilt.V11:1-61-65 (Winter 1967) PDF 237.1KB* Borel, Paul., "Automation for Information Control", Stud.V2:3-43-44 (Summer 1958) PDF 111KB* Robarge, David., "Richard Helms: The Intelligence Professional Personified", Stud.11:67-79, PDF.6MB* Offered as a tribute to OSS Detachment 101, which operated behind enemy lines from.
Winter 1998/99:81-92, PDF 940.6KB* An account of the monumental struggle between the House Select Committee chaired by Representative Pike and the Ford administration (including CIA and of the highly critical report it issued (1976).

Book review by Roger Pineau, Stud.Hartline, Martin., "Michael Collins and Bloody Sunday" Keatts, Dorothy, "Footnote to Cicero", Stud."Memorandum for the President: From Peter to Tito", OSS Reports to the White House, Stud."Operation Portrex" by Edwin."The Vilification and Vindication of Colonel Kuklinski" by Benjamin.Hunt for Axis Agent Radios" by George.Concludes there was little US intelligence exploitation of their presence.Denis, "Intelligence in the Internet Era", Stud.He advocates, in particular, that analysts get much closer to policymakers, taking greater initiative to find out what they need and calling attention, as forcefully as possible, to issues they are missing.V4:1-21-27 (Winter 1960) PDF 416KB* Benefits and drawbacks of using an interpreter assigned to international exchange delegations as an intelligence agent.V2:4-75-78 (Fall 1958) PDF 177KB* Bimmerle, George, Truth Drugs in Interrogation", Stud.No Bugles for Spies by Robert Hayden Alcorn.V9:3-79-89 (Summer 1965) PDF 510KB* Medina, Carmen., "What To Do When Traditional Models Fail", Stud.

1, 1997: 67-84, PDF.5MB* Reviews the dilemmas faced by CIA in investigating UFOs, particularly regarding charges that CIA was part of a government conspiracy to cover up the existence of UFOs.