bonus objectives frostfire ridge alliance

;U Learn Scribe's Quarters you learn check this step off manually.
Rank2 T The Fall of the WarlordQID33467M28.29,45.72NTo Snowrunner Rolga.Rank2ZFrostwall A The Iron Durotan.(Also following you around)rank2 C apprentices and siegesmiths drop the gunpowder you need to blow up the cannons.;Alchemy work order in Alchemy LabL10912 5frostweeds ;Blacksmithing work order in The ForgeL109119 5true steel ore ;Enchanting work order in Enchanter's StudyL109693 5draenic dust ;Engineering work order in Engineering WorksL109118 2 AND L109119 2true steel and blackrock ore ;Inscription work order in Scribe's QuartersL114931 2Cerelean.Rank2 T Karg Bloodfury.ZBladespire [email protected] T Back to Bladespire [email protected] Durotan.ZBladespire [email protected] ;drops from Dorogg - starts profession training; A The Mysterious a Mysterious Flask which should have just dropped from Dorogg.C Failed open all the iceblock's until you find Torag.Rank2 A Oath of Shadow Hunter Shadow Hunter E34348 ;JC/BS interlude F Ja'kana.T Mulverick's PlightQID33483M30.77,41.44NTo Mulverick.Rank3 A At the End of Your Scout Ruk'Gan.;first trip to ashran - primary purpose to get Vivianne who can be a bodyguard and Fen Tao C Ashran Bron Skyhorn.C Pick up the bundles, barrels and boxes beside the building, called 'Blacksmithing Work Order'.
Rank2PRE33119 R Entrance to Sootstained you walk in the mine and enter the big room, open your map, if the waypoint is placed correctly (on the sootstained mine map) all is good.

C viks 100 bonus code sport Stealing the Uratok's strongbox.A Establish Your Gazlowe.T Gormaul TowerQID33784M19.74,44.77NTo Durotan.T Dyed in the Trega.ZFrostwall, c What We Skaggit to get the peons back to work.This step will need manually checked off.A Of Wolves and Durotan.C Place to Turga to start a work order.Rank2 A They Who Held Lokra.H F Stonefang Pul Windcarver.You can only upgrade your mine and town hall N Upgrade your have probably built up enough garrison resources to upgrade some (maybe all) your small garrison buildings to level 2 now.A To the [email protected] H Town Hall to your Garrison.N Rank settingsQID33816NSetting the guide to Rank 1 will guide you thru the minimum necessary to advance your character's garrison to level 2 and you out of this zone.TSplorgrank2 C The curing the gladiators.T Building for Gazlowe.

Check this off manually if you don't want to explore.
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