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Precise Shot can remove).
Magical Lifesteal works with the damage dealt by both abilities and basic attacks, but Area of palette plastique sur roulette Effect abilities have diminished Lifesteal efficiency (33).
Most gods begin with 0 Lifesteal.
Your attack bonus with the missile weapon (short bow) will be BAB 1 plus Dex 2, for a total.Health edit edit source Health is new netent online casinos the statistic used to measure the maximum health pool of a god.Collect the banana bunch in the area and another bunch will appear. .Your GM may apply various other specific modifiers during combat (one likely to come up is a -4 penalty for shooting into melee, which.The higher the value is, the higher the amount of the protection ignored.Attack Speed increases with each god level.While looking at the scoreboard, the Physical Power and Magical Power progress bars cap at 400 and 900 respectively, but the actual stats are not attached to this (which means gods can have over 400 Physical Power and 900 Magical Power).Attack Speed caps.5.Speed Run edit, more Video Guides edit, was this guide helpful?1-K Swinger Flinger Secrets and Collectibles edit, kONG, letters, puzzle Pieces, secret Rooms.
Certains items, like Toxic Blade, provide Penetration, which increases this statistic regadless of a god's power type.
Protection - CC edit edit source Protection - CC (also known as Crowd Control Reduction) is the statistic used to measure a god's resilience against crowd control effects.

Each god has a different base and per level gain value.Physical Lifesteal caps at 100 while Magical Lifesteal caps.Just like Mana, each god has a different base amount of MP5, and they also gain a bonus every time they level.There are few abilities, like Mercury 's Made You Look and Ne Zha 's Armillary Sash, that can also be affected by Critical Chance.Lifesteal - Physical and Magical edit edit source, lifesteal is the statistic used to measure the percentage of damage dealt to enemies that will be returned to the damage dealer as Health.Hunters, Warriors and Assassins use Physical Power while Guardians and Mages use Magical Power.You'll reach a platform that moves along a track. .For more detailed information about this and other types of defense reduction, please visit its main article: Penetration and Reduction Critical Chance edit edit source Critical Chance is the statistic used to measure the the chance of basic attacks being critical strikes.Basic Attack Damage caps at 10000.Move quickly through the next area as the ball that's rolling along the top of the screen will destroy all the vines you're using to proceed to the right so make haste!Each god has a different base and per level gain value, but it is mainly increased with items.Most gods start with 0 Power and increase it by acquiring items or with certain abilities.There is also a neutral Mana buff that provides a direct MP5 bonus to the god that picks.Next, you'll reach an area with four olybet bonusi hanging vines. .
Gods are restricted to one kind of Power: Physical or Magical.