For doing it yourself you want to look the char into your album, 6* fully leveled one and see how he/she looks with all skill traits.
30 attack, 30 SP, 40 stamina.
You don't punish players who already fed "useless" dupes for one reason or another.Backing up sometimes is useful deposit slip example for your char to send a strong attack.They work by letting you upgrade your link slots in the main character page, when you look at equipment and links.That question is malicious.It is random, so how can you rely it'll work when you need?3) General rule is to use SAD/SAR chars as main.For PvP: Some characters you really want to pursue.For PvP you will always use SAD or DT, never SAR.Rule a) If his/her Attack is higher than SP - most likely NAD (normal attack damage).21) With your starting Rare Medals you'll buy the ones with Damage Taken -16.Orihime has recover stamina in her link and healer as bankai, might be as well useful as a link in your main characters.Even then, it's so much harder than single mode to get double rewards that I would stick to single mode until being in captain leagues (PvP).
Stamina is your life.
If anyone in your coop team has it, let the soul bomb to them.

Two choices here: Strong attack damage and Reduced Strong Attack Recharge Time (SAR).Ask someone with more experience before fusing their.There are exceptions, few.6) only equip accessories OF THE same color.My advice is to ignore that unless your favorite has the traits I'm gonna talk about bellow, texas holdem strategy charts or after you have strong characters to be happy in third seat PvP, do any raid and are enjoying the game with the challenge but not havok object and slot 48 angry level.You might expand your accessories and characters session to 200, or even further, but that's not your priority.
Contents show Getting orbs: 1) The fastest way to get orbs is story mode, substories, side story and new events.
This is for longer fights, they'll become more common as you move.