The fastest way to earn a lot of guild activity is by contributing to guild missions.
At least 4 hours must pass after you click return to participate in a Node war/siege.
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Three traps per person can be installed.Members can also send their workers to the guild house to work for the guild.You can send a maximum of 200 workers to work on the ship at once.Therefore, I would recommend gathering as many materials as you can before bidding on a guild house.You can install three elephant traps per person, just like regular traps.Guild Galley: High Wind Sail The High Wind Sail costs.5 million silver and will give your ship Max Power 1000, Turn 1 and can be enhanced for an increase of Max Power 200, Turn.2 each time.The number of guild quests available to you depends on the size of the guild.It has HP which is repairable using Ship Repair Material, crafted by chopping Plywood (any). .Recruitment Contracts, to invite another player to join your guild, go up to them and click the guild invitation interaction.

Using this will recover 5,000 HP and it does not have a cooldown, but takes 30 seconds to apply the heal.If a member leaves the guild while still under the contract, they will have to pay the penalty fee as a cancellation charge.Members that are still under contract can also leave freely without having to pay the contract fee.Only one ship can be crafted per day, with a total of three ships available per guild.You can only join a new guild 24 hours after leaving your last guild.You will gain guild activity every time you contribute to your guild experience.If a member is declared as exempt this cannot be changed for at least 24 hours.This can be done by leveling up a profession, gaining contribution points or increasing your maximum energy.Skills You will need a certain level of sailing skill to use special skills on your sailboat.The guild master can select up to 10 members, using a guild skill (20 members at max guild skill to be exempt from guild wars.List of equipment you must craft (using a guild house requires the guild skill Building Boat.How to upload a Guild Icon.Images must be 6060 pixels and.png files.Hammiel omaha poker bot 23 hours ago, is this game pay to win?Limamufu 24 Apr path of exile dual wield bonus @ 4:36am, newborn Crimson/Golden Dragon.The skill costs 10 guild skill points.
These can be exchanged for various items.

Sailing Skill Skill Name What it does How to use it Beginner 1 Ram Travels forwards for 5 seconds and rams into targets to damage them.
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