@ The guy who said we dont have all the loot yet.
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#160; I may yet be wrong, we'll see after I do some math.#160; I had no idea Bladetwister existed lol, it's not on wowhead for some reason.Offhand /if #if bil bingo norge slots.Tabard /if #if slots.Right now it's GT and MJ one.Bladetwister would be a better OH then golem, drops from freya hard mode.Wrist /if #if slots.From that link, i'm currently creating my own excel sheet from it, just takes a lot of the searching for links etc.Greatness still carries a heavier weight for Mutilate then anything involving Armor pen.Plus blue socket #160; rabobank deposit money Perhaps Favor is better slightly for Mutilate if you throw in a 16 agi gem.BWL Gear -.Fully BiS) rules.Try this site: m but please keep in mind that this site should just be used as a rough orientation as you will have to keep a proper gear balance and depending on your equip and built/ rotation / glyphs the benefit of a certain.#160; You'd end up with 168 ap and.58 crit.#160; Golem-Shard Sticker 126 ap #160; #160;.36 crit #160; #160; 29 expertise Bladetwister 119 ap #160; #160;.28 crit #160;.11 haste Blue socket and 10 more base dps dps.
#160; Would be nice if they would finally release epic gems.
Favor of the Dragon Queen 152 ap #160; #160;.39 crit #160;.52 armor pen.

Reply With", 05:11 AM #12 Deleted Re: BiS Rogue Gear link?Like for instance The Chestgaurd of the recluse and they leggings off 2d sarth are up there but like the chestguard is better for a mutilate rogue over combat if you have both in the raid so much expertise thats like 10 Expertise right there.Originally Posted by ant1pathy The trinkets are wrong for sure.#160; Not sure which would be better with this set up as I've done too much math today making this list to bother figuring that out.Reply With", 03:58 PM #6, re: BiS Rogue Gear link?"Show more" Audio got all messed up after copyright claims due to's terrible audio editor If you.Reply With", 08:46 PM #7, re: BiS Rogue Gear link?
WoW vanilla rogue PvP 2 yl önce.
#160; I don't know EP values or crap like that, but I doubt.

#160; This is what I found: Brooch of Wailing Night 147 ap #160; #160;.54 crit #160; #160;.73 armor pen.