A platinum medal, a golden collar.
Biggest Jackpot Wins Ever Recorded As touched upon briefly above, the only way to get your hands on seven digit figures at an online casino is by playing jackpot slots, also known as progressive slots.
However, his luck turned two years later when he lost 28 million in a London casino.He soon lost the remainder of his 40 million although he was eventually able to borrow 40,000 to win back 1 million.It turns out Charlie Wells was a famous confidence trickster.Marcus Goodwin won a total 11,633,898.Visit Casino read reviews JackpotCity Casino HOT Hot Casino Accepts players from Canada Accepts players from European Union Accepts players from World Accepts players from New Zealand Mobile Tablet Friendly 245,220 won on: High Society FEB 2017 more info play now whats HOT?Casino players will be competing for the big prize, irrespective of which online casino they're playing.We can only speculate that her smile has never left her countenance.Here are the top slot winners to rule them all.Unlike Wells, though, Darnborough quit playing while he was ahead, marrying into nobility and keeping his fortune.

Forty minutes after his first bet, he had already won 25 million, finishing 20 million ahead of where he started.What may have been even more surprising, or perhaps insane, was the fact that Connery once again left his winnings in place.Then again, stranger things have happened.The honor of winning the largest online gambling payout belongs to a Norwegian gambler by the name of Peter.After making a profit from a fraudulent invention called the musical jumping rope, Wells decided to try his luck in Monte Carlo.Charlie Wells - Roulette, in 1891, Charlie Wells netted 1 million after playing roulette for 11 straight hours.He scooped a total of 11,735,446 no opening deposit checking account which gave him financial freedom for the rest of his life.Incidentally, he was able to repay the 10,000 loan with 50 interest.
You are the new jackpot winner.9 million (8.82 million).

I will definitely be buying a nice big house and a vacation cottage!
In todays dollars, his one million francs could be worth well over 20 million.
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