Fling Bulldozer around in San kinder casino spel Fierro Go to the construction yard near San Fierro.
Fall off building and live in San Fierro Go to the Big Pointy Building (the one with a parachute) in the Downtown area and jump off.
Get a car and ram the wall in the front.Follow the road and take another right.You can see an advertisement for "Blob Music which is a reference to Amoeba Music which can be found in Hollywood, Berkeley, and San Francisco.Go on the left side of the pier look around the corner to find a Bandito.On the south side of the tunnel, look along the fence line of the airport.Boule (La Boule) - Originally referred to as the "little game Boule is basically a simplified version of Roulette, popular in French casinos.
Then, pause the game and the entire bottom right half of the map should be marked as explored.
There is a two player icon there.

Do not detonate the satchel charges until you are standing on the end of the ramp, or you may not get out in time.You will automatically get a parachute.Getting off your bike will release the parachute; if you try to do any awkward stunts you might fall.Behind the cashier is a game being sold.Mark the left one and drive there.You can either push it by running into it or push it with the truck.You will not see the spray in the mirror when spraying.Increase weapon skill Achieve a high wanted level and go into a restaurant.Enter the store by using the yellow upside down triangle, then exit.