Potentially a great gift/investment for: New born/toddler they probably have boxes of toys already and could help them starting out in the Working World Graduate gift it demonstrates the importance and value of long term thinking with investments Wedding gift may mature as the kids.
With hardwood from sustainable forestry you help preserve natural forests and biodiversity.
A productive alternative to charity by supporting local economy, industry and infrastructure.Dividends from 60 Payout at 75 An affiliate/ambassador option There is also an option to become an affiliate, by purchasing 10 trees annually and a signing up for a monthly donation package, as well as the magazine and a small management charge, coming to Eur.Combine that with greening drylands and the happiness of helping others, and you have a powerful green casino 2018 no wagering no deposit income opportunity that makes a real difference in the world.As a Better Globe Ambassador you get the opportunity to increase your environmental and social impact while earning a commission on sales made by you and your sales team.A starting point would be to make the products page the home page.Better Globe calls this "Prosperity with Purpose" and invites you to be part of the mission to reduce poverty in East Africa.The benefits of planting and replacing trees chopped down for firewood and exportation should not be underestimated.It is also well established that trees in forests are far better at absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere than trees in plantations.The green business where everyone wins: Discover the Better Globe benefits through our portal for social change.Contact us to learn more about the sales commissions.It is estimated that we have managed to cut down more than 50 percent of the worlds trees and forests since we first stepped out of Africa, and it is having a terrible effect worldwide.It is really a chance to outshine the competition and attract more sales while maximizing your company's or organization's environmental and social impact.
And although Better Globe Forestry Ltd is a forestry company and not an investment company, they still promise return payments on produce from the 5th year of ownership, and a minimum repurchase price on your trees after 20 years.
The mix of benefits through us and Better Globe has been categorised below to reflect the potentially different preferences of natural persons, business people, companies, website owners and investors.

People often desire change, but fail to take the necessary steps and are stuck in the same old routine, and somehow they are expecting to see different results.Donation Packages and trees are socially responsible eco products that pays a return to the buyer.Anyone can be part of Better Globe's green and socially responsible business opportunity.More importantly it means allot more jobs, and it will bring new technology and set of work skills to the community.The strategy to provide timber with Mahogany like qualities from East African dry lands can help meet the growing demand and reduce the pressure on forests like the Congo Rainforest and the Amazon.Terms of Use Privacy Policy.For more information about minimum costs, returns and environmental and social impact visit Ambassador Opportunity under green opportunity in the menu.Better Globe's environmental impact We all know that trees have a range of benefits, many of which are environmental.Better Globe Forestry Ltd has over 10 years of experience in Kenya and a concept that is proven to work.Local timber production secures that more of the profits remain in East-Africa and a host of supporting industries will create even more jobs and further drive economic development.The website is set up to sell donations more like a charity, rather than sell impact investments (like.Here are some of the benefits we offer companies, organizations, sports teams, website and blog owners, etc: Improve brand perception, sales and customer retention through cause-related marketing.Eur.55 or 15 annual dividends start after 5yrs Eur 170 or 10x purchase price is paid after 20 yrs Eur 17 over 20 years grows to: Eur 191 (without reinvestment of dividends) Add Eur 102 (with reinvestment, assuming same rate, there is a mention.Get marketing and exposure as a green partner with a profile on m Better Globe can be adapted to just about any business, organization or sports team as their strategy spans from charity to long-term profits through something similar to impact investing.
Investments have made African countries progress, not charity - Help East Africans the best way.
Who can become a Better Globe Ambassador?