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Calligraphy's Spreadsheet of Pre-Raid Gear : Spreadsheet of items a player can obtain without having stepped foot in a raid instance (LFR included) that require no valor to obtain.
It has a 2-minute cooldown.Note that its cooldown scales with the monk's haste (more haste means a shorter cooldown, as well as a shorter duration of the buff).Simply follow the directions in the sheet, rank the trinkets, and profit.We bring front-loaded damage, and are extremely effective in AoE and cleave fights.Using Eeny's horde questing package I leveled my monk from 1 to 56 in just over 24 hours using Eeny's 1-80 paid horde quester profile. .
Keep in mind with the advent of war and Titanforging, any bet registration bonus piece of gear can be used.
The haste benefit Tiger Strikes receives, in addition to the increased energy regeneration from talenting into Ascension, means that most monks are generally comfortable at 5-7k haste (though some prefer to go as high as 8K haste).

I have known many Windwalkers which were perfectly comfortable (and very successful) with the default.Fists of Fury 3 Chi 5 5) 25s 20 second CD with 2set T14.Power Strikes should not be used in an end-game PvE environment.Uldir and any dungeon trinket.1/7/2013: Added link to the.2 reactoon casino draft.Higher agility outweighs secondary stats in a 2:1 ratio.The stats for each weapon is important in calculating the damage of your spells.It starts working from level 1 and has been tested through level 100. .