Injuries - NPCs no longer receive injuries.
Changelog for Vigor - Combat and Injuries (Version.7) Stamina Actions - Adjusted/ reduced some stamina regeneration values.
Duel - Kinda cool but little gameplay gain.
You can build custom Visual and Audio warnings for virtually any situation in the Game.Injuries - No longer cause stagger on Werewolves and Vampire Lords (stagger on these races are glitchy).65 Fizzwidget AdSpace Helps you save money by not buying marked-up vendor recipes at AH 65 Strategos_Minimap Independant Battlefield Minimap 65 ABHelper Estimated Final score Estimates AB final scores.If you pick Ordinators timed block perk, the damage reduction bonus while blocking wont stack but Vigors extra effects will persist.98 GroupHeal Healing AddOn that places healing buttons beside the player portrait and beside the portraits of all askgamblers slots magic party members.No configuration required 118 Titan Panel Factions A simple factions reputation list for the Titan Panel AddOn.Changelog for Vigor - Combat and Injuries (Version.6) note: Starting from this version, DLCs are no longer required!1696 Bongos Options An options menu for Bongos 1690 IceHUD Another HUD mod 1594 Align Grid to align UI elements.MCM - Changes made in MCM now persist when 7red casino free slots updating, now it wont reset everything to default values.When bellow 25 stamina, cannot stagger the target (work for player and NPCs).Movement, Positioning and Damage - First Blood - Player and NPCs when at full health, receive -30 damage.Stagger chance stamina percentage (0.0 -.0) x armor casino mobilfaktura factor (50 if wearing no armor, 100 if wearing full heavy armor).

25 Type Debuff Shows the magic type of the debuff.Fatigue - Fixed a condition in the "hidden" attack speed fatigue."Health Loss Stagger" was changed so that it uses the vanilla stagger mechanic again.Improved NPC Combat AI - Removed the equipment restriction for NPCs to dodge, now even heavy armored ones can do that.249 Arcanum Arcanum Handles the Mage Spells and Buff.Poultices: It will either cure a trauma effect OR be used to increase health regeneration (just click "general wounds" options in the pop-up window).While working on version.0 i realized that the Parry system, was not working correctly since version.2!Changelog for Vigor - Combat and Injuries (Version.6) Timed Block - Timed bash have a reduced window (from the swing start to the Hit frame).Easily find the Addon you are looking for by Choosing a category, Searching by name or change the expansion using the drop down on the right!10 Voices From Beyond Automatically notify your guild when a raid boss is defeated.43 Gems A silly gem-based minigame.122 QuestHistory An in-game history of quests accepted 120 EasyUnlock Makes unlocking of lockboxes easier (inventory/tradewindow) and shows level requirements on lockbox tooltips.92 FuBar-Garbage Drops the least valuable item in your bags to make space.This also solve the vanilla issues with frost spells that damage movement but sometimes it dont trigger."Surprise Attack" (Former Dagger Finisher) - Grant 2x damage bonus for 2sec after ANY weapons is draw from the sheath, 4x damage if the target has less then 33 health.
77 ntmysFixLoadingTimes Improves loading-times when switching zones 77 CT RaidTracker Counts raid loot and attendance 76 Bag Status Meters Display the number of free bag slots for individual and all bags 75 Group Buttons Creates a bar of 20 buttons for yourself 75 MailTo Mail.
When attacking with the main hand (be it dual wielding or not) stamina cost (Weapon Weight *.5) 1 When attacking with your left hand (or dual wield attacks) stamina cost (Right Weapon Weight Left Weapon weight) *.5) 1 Bows stamina cost when drawing.

32 Action Mirroring Frame Display a frame showing used actions.
Also, all skills increase 25 faster during a duel.