best in slot rogue gear vanilla

Kidney Shot non DPS Finishing move that stuns the target.
This can also be used for BS or hemo.
Lasts insättning av litium longer per combo point.Jerkin of the Aberrant Chimera come with somewhat underwhelming traits.Azerokk's Resonating Heart, for the greatest accuracy, it is recommended to simulate your character using a tool such.Cooldowns, debuff Slots and why are they important.Combat Dagger Ambush / Backstab Average damage of Ambush is higher than Backstab, even without the 30 extra crit rate.Adds die faster, your DPS is uber high winning.If Oto would like to take ownership in the future, I'll be happy to remove this post.Its totally fine in 5-20man.Slice and Dice DPS Maintain it 100 of the time, its your main damage deliverer.This hit cap is a lot more important than the next one because missing with your abilities such as Sinister Strike, Backstab or Eviscerate is a huge waste of energy vip club casino no deposit bonus codes and global cooldowns, and also this one is a lot easier to achieve.
Combat Sword Spec Combat Dagger Spec Head Bloodfang Hood Lesser Arcanum of Voracity Neck Prestors Talisman of Connivery Shoulder Bloodfang Spaulders Nightslayer Shoulder Pads none Cloak Puissant Cape Cloak Lesser Agility Chest Bloodfang Chestpiece Chest Greater Stats Wrist Bloodfang Bracers Bracer Superior Strength Hands Bloodfang.

Stam - Stamina, str - Strength, overview.Another example are boss fights, where youll face enrage phases or phases where you should do the most DPS in (f.e.Doesnt work on most bosses, but sometimes very useful on adds and trash to prevent them from hurting you and your group mates.Poisons, main Attributes (Stats effects of Weapon Skill, calculating your Hit table.Just replace the spell name and the energy cost.Crit Strike You, biS Gear, resistance Gear.Disclaimer #2, currently, item level 370 trinkets (base reward from level 10 Mythic) provide more DPS than 385 (mythic) versions of raid trinkets.Killing a boss and saving your teammates lifes has always higher priority, than your personal DPS!You can receive a maximum of.Important to know is that a boss has a base dodge chance.6 and can only parry/block attacks that are made from their front, but since a rogue should never be attacking a dungeon/raid monster/boss from the front, we will see their parry/block chance.Consumables Here is a list of useful consumables you should bring to a raid.Here is a list of debuffs, which grant extra DPS for us rogues: Sunder Armor reduced armor by 2250 Curse of Recklessness reduced armor by 640 Faerie Fire reduced armor by 505 Gift of Arthas Increases physical damage taken by 8 I personally start arguing.Hardiness a resisted stun wont damage you, really nice for PVP and PVE Troll Berserking totally situational (grants more attack speed, when hurt badly) Beast Slaying 5 damage against Beasts, not that many beasts bosses around Undead Will of the Forsaken nice for PVP and.Best in Slot List for Assassination Rogue.