Same tactics as with the Warrior.
You should try to demon hunter tier 19 set bonus use Avenging Wrath at the same time that your raid uses Heroism or Bloodlust, but dont delay using it so long that you lose out on a cooldown throughout the fight.
Against a Druid Same as with the warrior.
Your healing abilities are not poker pokal kaufen in proportion with the amount of health you have.Crucible of Storms Gear for Retribution Paladins.What Consumables Should I Use?Don't forget to turn on your Shadow Resistance Aura anytime you meet a Priest/Warlock, this way you will resist fears like 10 of the time.Jes Howler and Briny Barnacle are very strong on both a single target, and on multiple targets.Save your Hammer of Justice for when it tries to pull off a heal at low health.What Talents Should I Choose?If there's a hut or walls handy, line of sight, kill the pet if you have to, but make him run to you, not vice-versa.
Aggramars Stride : Faster running means faster leveling!
Same as with the Shaman and Rogue, do not let yourself get low, as counterspell will leave you without casting ability for a huge chunk of time.

Edit 0/0/20, tactics, edit, pretty simple at first blush yet can be a very technical class.During Avenging Wrath you should use finishers as soon interactive brokers deposit time as you reach 3 Holy Power (rather than wait to cap at 5).Wake of Ashes, and, righteous Verdict are old Artifact traits or Legendary effects.They go down very quickly with no resistance to your holy damage.Against a Hunter Out in the open, you're in for a tough time.There are some additional nuances to Retributions rotation that come into play only with very specific talent builds.The order you use them should be that exactly.
Flask: Flask of the Undertow (or Mystical Flask if your raid provides them).