But for most situations the static INT plus the spirit proc allowing you to reforge into more haste/ crit pushes DSoD to the top.
Fathom-Brooch of the Tidewalker (SSC - Fathom-Lord Karathress) If it procs every 45 seconds, you get 37 mp5.In real raid situations using mainly Chain Heal, it returns about 20 mp5 (which would be roughly a 4 proc rate).Recall your totems prior to the Demon phase to avoid any issues with the Searing Totem aggroing the boss.Otherwise, it receives.4 per tick.(Or from a different point of view, thats when I want my heals to have the punch to keep them up).Rings: Ring enchants are only available to enchanters.Nightbane Tremor: Will break Bellowing Roar (fear).Healing Theorycraft (Warning: Math Ahead) Chain Heal (CH) This is our signature heal and the one that all the other healing classes wish they had.There is the usual Static INT with a spirit proc this tier, which is DSoD from Siegecrafter. .Haste is the best stat for throughput above 50, but I can't get enough of it yet to (almost completely) stop using Healing Surge in medium-high damage situations.However, if you get lucky and have access to the warforged shoulder and chest off-set pieces, the stat gains most likely will outweigh the set bonus. .Head: Faceguard of Celestial Harmony, thok (See, note 1 ).Supremus: Each time he shifts his gaze, it procs Water Shield.Its requirements are also easy to meet.Halazzi (Lynx Grounding totem does not absorb anything.Unfortunately for us, neither the Cleave nor Multistrike trinket proc off of totem healing, which is a large of our output. .
Used in Phases 1 and.
Stoneclaw: Works on the skeletons Earth Elemental: Works on the skeletons Earthbind: Works on skeletons Netherspite Healing Stream: Drop at the end of the portal phase while you still have the healing buff from the green beam.

Shaman may get more procs off the meta gem than others healers due to the fact that we are constantly dropping totems and casting water shield - all of which can proc the gem.4.3.4 Shaman Resto PvE by Myskin.Than, considering all these things, my advice is to reach a good skill usign Lighting Bolt during the fight and use a Shock Spell (Flame Shock is better) before cast Healing Rain or Greater Healing Wave.This macro is helpful in PVP.Note 2 shoulders: Mantle of Celestial Harmony, seigecrafter, back: Take a guess.Shield: Intellect (12 int) or Major Stamina (18 stam).However, both Wowhead and Thotbot list the proc rate as 5 and WWS data from raids would indicate that the proc rate is higher than.You could have as little as Royal Nightseye x2 and Luminious Noble Topaz x2 and meet the requirements.Trash: Astromancer: The molten armor can be purged Bloodwarder Squire: Earthshock will interrupt heals Tempest Falconer: His fire shield can not be purged Crystalcore Sentinel: His Overcharge (16,000) can not be interrupted with Earthshock Serpentshrine Cavern (SSC) Lady Vashj Grounding totem absorbs Shock Burst.
DSoD has a static boost to INT, while the other 2 have INT procs, which can be less than ideal for healers.
Resto and Elemental shamans can stand further away to avoid being blinded.
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I chose the T15 hands chest under the assumption you have all 4 T15 peices to choose from.