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If you are an old school player and have noted that Songflowers, Night Dragons Breath etc.
There are two indistinct styles you can adopt as a Resto Shaman.
From there, place your points in the following: Level 20-21, 2 / 2 Improved Shadow Word: Pain Level 22-24, 3/5 Shadow Focus Level 25, Mind Flay Level 26-27, 2 / 2 Improved Psychic Scream* Level 28-29, 5/5 Shadow Focus Level 30-34, 5/5 Shadow Weaving Level.Re-apply Shadow Word: Pain as necessary.If you keep that directed at your tank all the time you will be able to see whether or slot machine algorithm wiki not the Ancestral Healing or Inspiration (the Priest AH equiv) is active.Although this is the case, do not mindlessly spam.All important information is displayed on my ffxiv bonus attribute points bars and superfluous keybinds and bars are hidden.Its important to understand what each of the racials and spells do before one makes a decision.Here, I can gauge the rough benefit via checking my overall healing done when playing in the same style, on the same encounter, over the same duration.With the utilization of Vallens ClassicMouseoverMacros, your target frame functionality can now be used as a handy focus frame.
Exception when FR is required.
But you can, to a degree.

However, the DPS of Shadow Word: Pain and a wand combined is usually not enough to beat mana regeneration filling your mana bar, and then the issue of efficiency becomes a lack of DPS.Totems are integral to the Shaman class (using this logic one may conclude that, in Legion, there are no Shaman) and if you fail to drop them you are a bad Shaman (using this logic one may conclude that, in Legion, there are no good.After the 50 transition into Phase 2 you should start -after waiting for your tank to reestablish threat- casting CH R2-3 on the tank to both keep him alive as well as sustain the melee who will be taking damage from his AoE poison ability.A common mistake many Shaman make is not refreshing their totems as they expire or as their party members out-range them.This spec is still PvE viable since you do not lose any direct healing throughput, only pushback reduction; although on fights with pushback you will be less likely to ignore the effect which could, in turn, generate a loss in overall healing.!Caution!There are 2 methods you can use for.Fear Ward is such a tremendous spell, and its usefulness to a group heavily outweighs the other racials available to the Alliance.I will provide you a visual and a link for what is considered the standard PvE.Human: Perception: On-use ability that greatly increases stealth detection for 20 seconds.But always keep casting.However, the list does not stop here.Links to SnowfallKeyPress and Mouseover Macros can be found here: *Vallens ClassicMouseoverMacro* Vallens SnowfallKeyPress keybindings: I am going to start this off by saying that I cannot keybind for you.The goal of CH spamming is to use about this breakdown of ranks: CH(R1) 60, CH(R2) 20, and CH(R3)20.Best of luck in your future endeavors!This is very important for priests who are soloing or are leveling.
Fear Ward: One-use ability that grants a friendly target immunity to the next fear effect used against them.