Venaasen 112 "Everything is fun" Tom Petter Hansen Frank Mosvold Trond Morten.
On the surface, Mrs Berg seems like the classic granny, but dont be fooled.
Thorsten Wegener, Director Business Operations at Studio 100 Film, says We are very happy to present this outstanding movie at this years EFM.
Venaasen 104 "The Pink Umbrella" Anton Hannibal Susan Kim 105 "The Proud Duckling" Tom Petter Hansen Frank Mosvold Trond Morten.Luckily Ella has the remarkable ability to solve these problems in guts bonus sport spectacular and surprisingly creative ways.In the tradition of Scandinavian story-telling the film narrates from a childs point of view.With the movie ella bella bingo the international sales agency presents a brand-new project with a heartwarming story taken from life and for kids to identify with.Venaasen 116 "The Slumber Party" Anton Hannibal and Robert Depuis Trond Morten.Lotties passion is singing, while Lisa is a gymnast.Venaasen and producer, frank Mosvold.Venaasen 124 "The Busy Bee" Robert Depuis Trond Morten.Venaasen 115 "The Exciting Camping Trip" Tom Petter Hansen and Frank Mosvold Trond Morten.

Venaasen 117 "On Two Wheels" Anton Hannibal and Robert Depuis Susan Kim 118 "Happy Birthday, Papa" Anton Hannibal Susan Kim 119 "Johansens Surprise" Anton Hannibal Susan Kim 120 "The Whimsical Doctor" Robert Depuis Trond Morten.Each 7 minute episode is about how Ella uses her boundless creativity, infectious enthusiasm and a never-give-up attitude to solve everyday problems in innovative ways.Ella Bella is a female hero both boys and girls can look.About Kool Produktion.It is broadcast on Scandinavian channels such as NRK, DR and SVT, on Okto channel 7 in Singapore, TG4 in Ireland, in Turkey, DaaiTV in Indonesia, Good TV in Taiwan, Hop TV in Israel and on the Al Jazeera network 8 in the Middle East.Singapore based August Media Holdings and, norway s Kool Produktion.Wanda and the Alien, woozle Pip.Hugenholtzweg z/n UTS Building, Curaçao.Berlin / Munich, February, 5th 2019.
They all look out for one another, providing adventure and encouragement, making Sunshine Gardens a safe and interesting place to live.