Weight pearls (semi) Must have for any PvE grinding.
More inventory space (Is not necessary for the most part, if you want to fish/afk fish longer periods of time, you really need this).2x Storage Maid 1x Transaction Maid 3600 pearls Will make some things even easier, see above.The number of items will be based on the type of package you pre-ordered.4x pets 3600 pearls chances on T2-3 T3loots every 3s (based on petlvl10) more skills (cooking exp, HP recovery, pillars of eternity deafire import save bonus etc.) Lets you farm more efficientlymore small buffs.The passes can be found under.Reminder: Try to wait out sales to save a lot of money.Pre-order Purchase Bonus and include the full base game until.I didnt include the loyalty items as everyone can purchase them after playing a while.If I give the pass to someone on a trial account who is already level 30 do I still get the reward?Why do players who supported Black Desert Online in their first year not receive any rewards?4x pets 3600 pearls chances on T4 T4loots every 2,5s (based on petlvl10) more skills (cooking exp, HP recovery, etc.) Lets you farm the most efficienteven more small buffs.Horse Gear Set/Camel 2000 (small buffs such as 1 speed, increased chances of learning skills for your horse) Small horse buffs and better chances for learning skills.
Accessory 500 (chance of gaining knowledge) Who doesnt want that sweet S-Rank?
Others will disagree on some points and you don't need everything shown below to fully enjoy this game.

The coupon will be available on your.What determines a pre-order spela roulette live in Black Desert Online?What items will I get?How can I claim my bonus items?I'm on NA, If I give a Game Pass to someone on EU will I still get the rewards?The name of the coupon will be based on the package you ordered.Adventurers, It has been a very long road in the development of Black Desert, but we can finally announce that we will be launching March 4th, with early access being granted to those who pre-order.There are 3 pre-order exclusive packages that can be purchased, each with a heap of extra items on top of access to the game.Edit2: Check out, clarification on - BDO Cash Shop if you are unsure if this means bdo is p2w or not.Underwear 700 (1 Luck buff) Can save you one crystal slot and enable you to run more dmg for farming.Can I give this game pass to a friend in Taiwan?
At this time these specific rewards will go to those who pre-ordered, however, we're always finding new ways to reward our loyal players.

Weight pearls Must have for any PvE grinding.
To redeem the code, if your friend does not already own a Trial account they must create an account on the Black Desert Online website.
You can use the pass for yourself but this must be done on a newly created account.