Hi Guys: I've played BDO for about 5000 hours.
M/incendargaming, donate: Nickname and amount will appear in future Incendar videos.Pen roulette: 1:15, tET Ogre : 5:55, high end accs: 7:20.In this time I've reached soft cap twice.M /incendar, discord: /74DCXh4, the Manos Golden Coral Belt is the new BiS belt for Lifeskillers and maybe everyone else.Pen Roulette - Black Desert Online.Keep an eye out for this belt.After I came back to the game I managed to get from 0 to soft cap in 4 months and decided to take another break from the game with this Pen Roulette.Phanteon: Rise of the Fallen: tjäna pengar på att spela spel m ashes of Creation: m/ref/colobusu/.Thanks for watching, this video!First ess i stege poker time I destroyed all my gear and came back to the game 2 months later.Hope you enjoyed it!, lIVE streams /frostadamuz m/Frostadamus, here's the link where you can drop a TIP to support this channel for future development m/frostadamuz, get social with us on: Twitter: m/realFrostadamus, discord: /pbXy9ws, future Games Covered on this channel: Battle For Azeroth: m/upvideo/wFWe3qKMspt, dauntless.
Will do a vid on construction when I get out to the new expansion!
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#160; I had no idea Bladetwister existed lol, it's not on wowhead for some reason.#186 Od : seher ( ) Datum.BDO afin de vous introduire au jeu en cette nouvelle année).#146 Od : Magla Datum.#131 Od : maca Datum.#200 Od : Zena Datum.#160; Personally I'd take the tier over the non-tier just because I don't need much expertise as a jc, and haste means more FA procs.BDO community, it's so nice garde ton certain bonus après avoir était détrôner empereur teso to see you again, i see not much has changed since the last time we "met" :3 PLZ PLZ.#163 Od : Pajp Datum.#205 Od : Darko Datum.#19 Od : Avatar ( system ) Datum.Choosing a Class That s Right for You Black Desert Online Updated PVX Class Guide for Beginners (201.#2 : The rogue is not flanking the ogre because she cannot draw a line to the fighter or the cleric that passes through opposite sides of the ogre.#17 Od : Adis Datum.#147 Od : Daffodil za Darku Datum.
#189 Od : Atko Datum.