battlefront overheat bonuses

Inflicts a permanent Armor Break, removing enemy armor and applying 35 armor reduction.
Transform in a gust!Little did Optimus suspect that in his own universe, Megatron was planning a coup against the Autobots.Joe in their mission to destroy Cobra and the Decepticons.Once Prime had gotten acquainted with the organics, he ferried them back to the mine shaft only for the Seekers to strike, trapping the Autobots beneath the surface.Black Horizon, Part 1 of 2 Several Autobots and Decepticons, including Optimus Prime, were reformatted into will-less war machines under the control of Cobra.Two years hence, Megatron would bring the terrifying super-dimensional lifeform known as the "Beast of Time the Hytherion, into their dimension to destroy Earth.Together with the other powered up racers, he fought chances of winning slots and defeated Unicron, saving the Earth.Q-Robo Transformer Transformers GT: Mission GT-R In a world where the Transformers' war settled into a series of friendly competitive races known as the Transformers GT, Optimus Prime became the GT Transformer known as GT-R Prime.Optimus later led a convoy in search for a building site for Autobot City, which ran into a Decepticon ambush.Once on Cybertron, Optimus orders a full-scale assault on the Quintesson base.Optimus then shot his way into the hidden kingdom of Cobra-La.Desperate Actions However, Optimus revealed the Matrix was not for him, but rather for Perceptor, as he wanted to make sure it would be taken as far away from Trypticon's grasp as possible.Prime opened fire, but Megatron merely used the defeated Starscream for a shield, pokerstars reload bonus 2018 then turned his cannon on the younger duo.Finding themselves under heavy fire before they could reach the treeline, the Autobots were forced to fight back in the open.The Work of the GT Sister Race Queens?
BotCon 2010 - Generation 2: Redux Punch reported back to Optimus on what he had learned about the Decepticons as Counterpunch.
The Line The Autobots were reactivated by a repair drone and given new disguises, with Optimus Prime being reformatted into an unknown World War II -era human vehicle.

Revelation The injuries Prime took in this conflict necessitated a prolonged restoration period in stasis.He struck a rather iconic pose as he transformed and fired.Upon investigating the organization, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee came into contact with the Lone Gunmen, three humans who were also on Skylogic's tail for their role in creating a dangerous virus.Questioned Prime about his own worthiness to carry the Matrix, but Optimus broke free of his chains and aggressively ordered him to surrender.On Earth, eviscerating numerous Coltonbolt satellites as he entered the atmosphere.Prime Directive #2 But the ship was destroyed as part of a military conspiracy to take control of the Transformers.
Ironhide contacts his agent, Sunstreaker, on Cybertron in order to get some info on the Fractal map.
Must be a day of the week ending in "Y".