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The film's production designer described the wow vanilla best in slot hunter machine as a cross between a Lamborghini and a tank.A madea halloween (bddvddc, STD,WS) 2016 tyler perrys BOO!They briefly meet an effeminate youth named Joel in front of a shoemaker's shop, whose idea of Batman automatic poker machine consists mainly of a fascination with the tight rubber suits and a Batmobile that can drive up walls (as seen in Batman Forever ).232 The Joker has also been featured in video games.The vehicle fetched.2 million on January 19, 2013.48 What became the iconic Batmobile used in the live action television show and its film adaptation was a customized vehicle that originated as a one-off 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, 49 created by Ford Motor Company lead stylists Bill Schmidt, Doug Poole., and.Batman can eject from the Batmobile and immediately begin gliding around Gotham City.Asked why he came to Metropolis, the Joker replies simply: "Oh Superman, why not?" In 1995, the Joker fought his third major DC hero: Wonder Woman, who drew on the Greek god of trickery to temper the Joker's humor and shatter his confidence.The other version was the jet version, in which an actual jet engine was mounted onto the vehicle, fueled by six propane tanks.72 Technical specifications edit In Batman Robin, the aerodynamic chassis design and "T" axis wheelbase provided the Batmobile counterbalance gyrometric stability, allowing for high velocity 90-degree turns at speeds greater than 70 mph without losing momentum.
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"The Demon Laughs: Part 4 - Mad About You" Batman : Legends of the Dark Knight 145: 912, 21 (September 2001 DC Comics Morrison, Grant (w Porter, Howard, Frank, Gary, Land, Greg (p Dell, John, McLeod, Bob (i Garrahy, Pat (col). .

1980 Whose Life Is It Anyway?"Web Exclusives Bob Kane interview".Bob made a rough sketch.156 The Jokermobile was a popular toy; a Corgi die-cast metal replica was successful during the 1950s, and in the 1970s a Joker-styled, Flower power -era Volkswagen microbus was manufactured by Mego.The Lego Batman Movie Meet the Voices Behind Each Animated Character".88 89 Like the Batsuit and gadgets, the Batmobile can be upgraded and even has its own alternate boxe thai roulette skins (such as one based on the Batmobile from 1960 TV series).To do this, the filmmakers equipped it with engine panels, wheels, and undercarriage that were indirectly lit so that they appeared to glow blue.Cloudy 2 ' Batman Begins And 5 More Hits That Survived "Disappointing" Debuts".A b Sims, Chris (October 19, 2011).The 2008 book Batmobile Owner's Manual, gives theoretical specifications of the car as if it were a real car.In Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, the Joker serves as Batman 's trickster guide through the hero's own psyche, testing him in various ways before ultimately offering to cede his rule of the Asylum to Batman.30 However, his chemical genius provides his most-notable weapon: Joker venom, a liquid or gaseous toxin which sends its targets into fits of uncontrollable laughter; higher doses can lead to paralysis, coma or death, leaving its victim with a ghoulish, pained rictus grin.
216 217 After Christopher Nolan 's successful 2005 Batman film reboot, Batman Begins, which ended with a teaser for the Joker 's involvement in a sequel, the character appeared in 2008's The Dark Knight, played by Heath Ledger as an avatar of anarchy and chaos.

The #1 Barris-built Batmobile, built from the original 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, was purchased by Richard Champagne of Ahwatukee, Arizona at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in January 2013 for 4,620,000.
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The Batman /Superman Hour edit Main article: The Batman /Superman Hour According to the site m, 40 the Batmobile created for the Filmation Associates TV series was not strongly based on its immediate predecessor (except for sharing dual rear cockpit canopies with the Barris/Futura Batmobile).