arma 3 disconnects player slots disappearing

The real power of this system becomes apparent when you start combining different features for the desired effect.
Refer to handgunWeapon for the latter.
AddItemsToUniform, addItemsToVest and addItemsToBackpack are executed before the general options for addItems and addMagazines.
His as this ; be at but not have had from will are they -!Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds.AddItemsToUniform Adds items/magazines to the uniform.Items and magazines options will replace items / magazines from the entire inventory, backpacks included.Loadouts are applied on mission start and when you respawn.SecondaryWeaponAttachments Replaces attachments of secondary weapon.
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But if you define addItems "AGM_Bandage" inside AllUnits and a primaryWeapon inside Blufor all blufor players will get a Bandage from AllUnits and a primary weapon from primaryWeapon.It should work completely seamless in every situation.It should look like this: Add the following lines of code to the description.The correct usage looks like this: magazines "some_magazine_classname.This can be combined with items and magazines, even though it doesn't make much sense.The simplest way of creating a loadout is to give units a name in the editor,.There are a couple of generic classes for you to use, ontop of being able to specifiy a unit classname and just designating a unit name.Notes Array entries ( denoted with a ) require the array syntax, even when they are only used with a single item.
If you change the name you will have to adjust some folder paths.
Ext: class CfgFunctions #include ; That's it!

Of course defining a loadout on a per-unit-basis would still be pretty lengthy and annoying.
Side AI classes ( BluforAi, OpforAi, IndependentAi and CivilianAi ).
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