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Castor also looks back at the reign of Mary's successor, Elizabeth I, who ruled for more than 40 years and is casino copenhagen english still regarded as one of England's most successful monarchs - but whose triumphs came at a heavy cost.
Sidebar Tavern (Baltimore buddy Guy and Quinn Sullivan.
Thriller based on Dan Brown's novel, starring Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, Ian McKellen, Paul Bettany and Jean Reno.David Hasselhoff turns his attention to dance movies as he continues to run through the necessary ingredients for perfection in particular genres.Rams Head Live!14:35 Phil Spencer: Secret Agent - 6/20, series 1 The property-market expert heads to Dorking in Surrey, where he tries to help Ceri and Fraser Black downsize from their four-bedroom semi-detached home.06:30 The Middle - Year of the Hecks Frankie decides that New Year's resolutions will be assigned to each family member, with an all-you-can-eat buffet the reward for anyone who can last a week.12:05 How I Met Your Mother - The Broath The friends set out to break up Barney and Quinn's relationship when Ted reveals she is a stripper, but the duo teach them all a lesson.14:45 Wanted Down Under - Stirk Family (New Zealand) Vivienne Stirk is convinced a fresh start in New Zealand is the key to a successful future and a better lifestyle, but other family members fear the move may come at a price, so Nicki Chapman.19:30 The Mindy Project - Santa Fe Mindy and her colleagues head to Santa Fe for a medical conference, when her ex-boyfriend Josh gets back in touch and reveals the real reason he moved to New Mexico.However, Lisa defies the new rule, and ends up in court, where a heated trial ensues.16:00 Come Dine with Me Make-up enthusiast Matthew Richmond-King competes against houseproud Kate Beesley, musician Simon Holdgate and dog-sitter Jane Bunting, as the dinner-party challenge heads to south-east Essex.With farmer Jack Dugdale at his mercy and Greengrass on the prowl for money he is owed, his son Noel becomes fed up of taking the flak for his father's unpopularity and runs away.05:00 A League of Their Own - 8/12, series 1 Comedian Bob Mortimer and diver Tom Daley join team captains Jamie Redknapp and Andrew Flintoff for the sports-based comedy quiz, hosted by James Corden.Brief highlights of the Third Ashes Test at Old Trafford from 2005, where both sides were aiming to take a 2-1 lead in the series.Thriller, starring Josie Davis, Chris Potter and Sophie Gendron.Highlights of the Premiership clash from the 1999/2000 season, which came from Stamford Bridge.08:00 Elite League Speedway - Peterborough Panthers v Lakeside Hammers Peterborough Panthers v Lakeside Hammers.
Harry confronts his past after Tracy tells him she hired a private investigator to search for their son, and Naomi regrets intervening in Adrianna's drug problem.

21:00 BBC News 21:25 Regional News and Weather 21:35 Who Do You Think You Are?00:10 kotv Boxing Weekly - Delvin Rodriguez v Freddy Hernandez Delvin Rodriguez v Freddy Hernandez.Including Weather for the Week Ahead.A furious Cleveland decides he has finally had enough of his stepson's misbehaviour - and threatens to send him to a young offenders' institution if matters do not improve.05:00 A League of Their Own - 4/12, series 1 Cricketer Steve Harmison and Mock the Week host Dara O Briain join team captains Jamie Redknapp and Andrew Flintoff on the comedy sports quiz, hosted by James Corden.Also featuring guests from the worlds of sport and showbiz.There is also an interview with American conductor Marin Alsop, who in September is set to become the first woman to lead the Last Night of the Proms.18:30 Friends - The One with the Tea Leaves Joey avoids all contact with Rachel, so she tries to repair their friendship by telling him a big lie.In this show he travels to the Amazon rainforest to meet the Matis people, whose first contact with westerners did not come until the 1970s.03:15 Brit Cops - Brit Cops: Frontline Crime UK: Wales Police officers in west Wales deal with violent drunks and drug dealers, as well as a dangerous domestic incident.18:30 Top of the Pops: 1978 An edition from August 31, 1978, featuring performances by the Dooleys, Siouxsie and the Banshees, 10CC, Klark Kent, Exile, the Rezillos, Darts, Cliff Richard and The Commodores.Hit comedy, starring Brendan O'Carroll as the foul-mouthed mother-of-six.Meanwhile, Monica has similar difficulties and recruits Phoebe and Rachel - but they soon get distracted and start reminiscing.(Baltimore) Wednesday, link to this day Chief Keef - Fillmore Silver Spring (Back From the Dead Fest) Thursday, 1 November 2018 link to this day Patty Larkin - Jammin' Java Wu-Tang Clan - The Anthem 901 Wharf Street SW, Washington, DC Friday, 2 November 2018.11:00 Coast - Faroe Islands Neil Oliver heads to the north Atlantic to visit the Faroe Islands, where he learns how romance blossomed between British soldiers and local women during the Second World War's Operation Valentine'.