Publishers and frank casino songs libraries: cooperation or opposition?
The abbyy solutions have been used by large public and commercial projects, such as processing of tax statements by the State Tax Service of the Russian Federation, automated entry of payment documents at the Sberbank of the Russian Federation, entry of data from individual (identifying).
The Impact of Visually Impaired People Socializing Facility Elmira Doolotova, "Blagodat" Public Charitable Foundation, Osh, Kyrgyzstan discussion on the session topic.00-15.00 lunch.00-17.00 session Ii bridging the digital divide: attracting software providers to creating a digital environment for the blind moderators: Nataliya Baukova, Director, Regional Special.
Denisenko Library for Science and Technology of Kiev Polytechnic Institute Ukrainian National Technical University, Kiev, Ukraine Svetlana Barabash, Chief Librarian,.I.Realization of the Project for the Retrospective Conversion of the General Alphabetical Catalog of the National Library of Russia Olga Kulish, National Library of Russia,.Springer the Language of Science in Printed and Electronic Publications Laszlo Horvath, Springer Publishing House, Representative Office in Hungary, Budapest, Hungary.The Role of rnpls.Rudomino All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature; Director, Tolerance Institute Charitable Foundation, Moscow, Russia Svetlana Stulova, Program Director, Tolerance Institute Charitable Foundation, Moscow, Russia New publications within the Big Reading Program in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences Research Center of Book Culture History.The quality and efficiency governor of poker 4 free online game of acquisition in the current context.Advanced Information best in slot legendary retribution paladin Technologies in the Activities of the Information Resourse Centre of Tashkent State University of Information Technologies Ayshabuvi Alimova, Tashkent State University of Information Technologies, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.Presentation of the CD-ROM For the Sake of the Day Coming (On the results of the city ecological marathon) Inna Efimova, Deputy Director for Research, Centralized Library System, Salekhard, Tyumen Region, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, Russia.Rudomino All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow, Russia Mikhail Bryzgalov, Saratov Region Minister of Culture, Saratov, Russia Big Reading in Saratov Region International publishing projects of domino All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature and Tolerance Institute Charitable Foundation presenters: Ekaterina Genieva, Director General,.I.Opening the Ultra All Inclusive Electronic Resources Day Pavel Arefyev, Scientific Electronic Library, Moscow, Russia.

The Epoch (A Review of Literature from the Collection of sprinsky Crimean-Tatar Republican Library) Nadzhie Tairova, sprinsky Crimean-Tatar Republican Library, Simferopol, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine Fikret Medine Alimova, sprinsky Crimean-Tatar Republican Library, Simferopol, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine lyamova, Information and Bibliographic Department, sprinsky.The Program for the Development.I.Irina Yadne, Director, Centralized Library System of the Yamal District, Yar-Sale Town, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, Russia.The Administrative Concept of the Public Library Exercising a Memorial Function Vera Vikulova, Central City Library - Gogol-House Memorial Center, Moscow, Russia.Control and acting on behalf of libraries in the tender purchase of foreign literature/ Efficiency of tender purchases.The Role of Continuous Education in Personal Development Lita Hofmane, National Library of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.Professional Adaptation and Integration of Blind Users moderator: Elena Zakharova, Deputy Director, Russian State Library for the Blind, Moscow, Russia.Take part in the drawing, and you will be in lucks way!Ecological Databases for Basic Environmental Studies in Russia.Naming Saratov Regional Childrens and Juvenile Library after Alexander Pushkin: A Historical Background Valery Zhuchkov,.Information Support of Science and Education System Development in Russia Alexander Kuznetsov, Executive Director, National Electronic Information Consortium, Moscow, Russia.On behalf of Andrey Fursenko, Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.Kataeva, Screenwriter, Student, Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia questions AND answers, Discussion, conclusions Section 6: Library Staff, Profession and Education Special events within the framework of Section 6: Workshop Continuing and Advanced Library Education within the Context of Information.Under the Umbrella of the Ukrainian Library Association: The Exeprience of International Cooperation Valentina Sknar, Department Head, State Academy of Culture and Arts for Top Managers, Kiev, Ukraine Nadezhda Korotun, Director,.Interaction with alis Ilya Sorokin, Liber Company, Moscow, Russia.