Let us know how you built your empire and achieved victory, and what civ you picked to get started with!
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Cost increases linearly up to 900 when betsson bonus codes all Techs or Civics are researched, whichever fraction is larger.Districts can't be built on revealed strategic resources With the exception of the City Center, district tiles cannot be worked for their terrain yield.Domestic trade: 1 International trade: 1 60 Production Harbor Must be built on Coast or Lakes Terrain adjacent to land.2 Gold when built on a foreign continent.Districts are unlocked through.

Contents, when a city is ready to construct a new item, the citys "Production Menu" will appear.Encampments help turn defence into attack.The number under World Ranking Tourism is how many international tourists you have attracted (by pulling them away from whatever wonders they have in their home country with your superior attractions).1 Faith bonus per 2 adjacent District and Woods.Be aware of mutually exclusive district benefits.There's no point making every city a dazzling centre of culture if you're intending to go on the warpath right from the off, for example.Culture expands your city borders and pushes you through the Civics tree, allowing you to unlock new Policies and Governments.
A district that offers an adjacency bonus generates additional yield based on where it's placed in relation to other tiles.
This lens will also show you which tiles are unavailable, as some districts have very specific build requirements (for example, the.