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The Zimbabwean government said they will take De Beers to court if the report by its deposit flat london expert panel confirmed their suspicions. .We cant speak for the. .However, De Beers Group Head of Media Relations, Lynette Gould said the diamond miner was not aware of any such expert panel.De Beers business model is based on exploring for primary deposits. .Marange is a secondary or alluvial deposit and we thus concluded that it was not appropriate for our portfolio.By way of background, De Beers was prospecting in Zimbabwe for around 10 years until it departed in 2006. .De Beers was prospecting between 19Having found no deposit that would fit its existing portfolio, it decided to relinquish its concessions and withdraw.Harare said it will take De Beers to court if the report by its expert panel confirmed their suspicions.The Zimbabwean government announced cirkel bonus kort recently that it has set up an expert panel to investigate a diamond fraud allegedly committed by De Beers when it held prospecting rights in Marange.We are not aware of any such expert panel nor have we been approached to comment. .What is your comment?De Beers is said to have told Harare that it was looking for Kimberlite pipe diamonds that required deeper digging than alluvial diamonds, raising questions as to how De Beers could have missed stones that artisanal miners extracted with hoes and hands.As I said before we are confident that should such a panel be convened that they would find absolutely no wrongdoing on the part of De Beers.What is your response to this?Below is the full text of an interview the De Beers spokesperson had with Rough Polisheds Mathew Nyaungwa.

We would, of course, like to see Zimbabwe fully compliant and we call on all involved to help the authorities achieve this so that the people of Zimbabwe can benefit further from the revenue generated from diamonds.We can understand how some analysts might come to this conclusion, however Zimbabwe is an independent, sovereign nation and is at liberty to carry out whatever investigations it wishes.What is De Beers position on Marange diamond fields?When did De Beers prospect for diamonds in Zimbabwe and what made it leave the country?Mathew Nyaungwa, Rough Polished.Skip to main content "delay 300.99, buy It Now 503 watching 1460 sold, view Details, condition:never been played.
It carried out prospecting in the Marange area for only two years, all of which is recorded by the relevant authorities.