It may be expected that by strengthening the armed forces of African countries and raising their operational efficiency we shall help them to become active participants of regional peacekeeping operations.
These figures quite correlate with the data on unprecedented Chinese loans granted under government guarantees to those African countries, which are most probable to discover massive primary diamond deposits: to the.R.C.Such a pragmatic Chinese stance sets new rules in the African game.This is actually a kind of assistance with supplementary conditions: experts in the field of development have long recognized such policy ineffective.According to an agreement reached in September 2007 between China and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the latter will receive a 5 billion credit of which 2 billion will be allocated to develop mining projects and 3 billion to build automobile roads and railways.Kaiser will take care of tactics.Will want to rival with China in granting big loans pegged to large-scale projects aimed at infrastructural development.It should be noted that China not only invests in mining projects, but also puts huge amounts of money into the infrastructure of African countries.Non-transparency of this business is quite explicable taking into account non-conventional solutions, like for instance the organization of a security system for the oil facilities in Sudan engaging 4 000 commandos disguised how much casinos in las vegas as workers, as well as using prisoners at some of the mining companies.Of Rhodes contemporaries with strategic interests in the Black Continent, only his good acquaintance Kaiser Wilhelm II duly appreciated the prophesy, ordering an impressive allegoric painting entitled The Yellow Peril, and a couple of years later sent a military expedition to China instructing his officers.However, China has a resource unavailable to any of its competitors.At the time,.Today in 49 African countries, there are over 800 enterprises with Chinese participation.In Africa, there are no local specialists to staff the impetuously built scores of new hospitals, schools, railways, telecommunication networks and universities.As always, the State Department explained it encouragingly saying, There is an opportunity of a more consistent and clear cut approach to the region.Geniuses like Cecil Rhodes are capable to guess the ways of History.
In summer 2006, Amnesty International published a report under the title China: Sustaining conflict and human rights abuses, which analyses the Chinese practice of armaments export to some African countries.

However, this trade segment is kept under the veil of secrecy; Beijing does not publish any data on armaments export and during the last eight years did not submit any data to the register of conventional armaments of the United Nations.However, there are signs of much more serious undertakings going.How long will it last?Library of Congress, It is unlikely that the.S.A.If one takes into consideration that all possible options of a socialist way of development ebbed in Africa by the time of the.S.S.R.The positions of authoritarian rulers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Angola have become more stable against the claims of not only human rights organizations, but also against those of the International Monetary Fund after they.The Chinese investment policy in Africa is worth admiring.Today in Africa there is not a single conflict without Chinese armaments, ammunition and military equipment; the total supply of arms is indeed not clear, but the Chinese khaki-color business may be observed in the area from Sudan to South Africa and from Angola.However, there are all the grounds to suggest that in the nearest 2 or 3 years the situation will be rapidly changing.It is known that Chinese firms poker rangordning i kort are engaged in intensive geologic prospecting on the territories of these countries and the information obtained during these works is carefully protected.Angola has already received a 2 billion worth credit and Gabon has entered an agreement on a 3 billion loan from China, which is going to obtain 85 of the worlds largest iron ore deposit at Belinga.22quick advance cash loan22 payday advance cash loan georgia payday loan instant approval 100 payday loan instant loans emergency payday loan payday loan direct lenders no fax loans en fast language loan payday advance cash check loan payday cash advance emergency fax loan no payday.Only by its import of raw materials from Africa and the gap is quickly narrowing; as for its export of goods and services to Africa, China outstripped the.S.A.China is the second to the.S.A.The Chinese export of armaments, which is in excess of 1 billion annually, often involves exchange of armaments for rough materials supplied to the rapidly expanding Chinese economy.Copson, an expert on African affairs at the Congressional Research Service of the.S.

In 2010, the Chinese demand for diamonds will reach.5 billion.