Deal With It Personally Kill the Devouring Darkness in Highmountain, Hertha Grimdottir in Suramar, and Theryssa in Val'Sharah.
Strange Bedfellows Meet Malace on the bride to the Gates of Valor and kill Lochaber.
I will not go over the details of the follower missions, except for the ones that take a very long time.Proof: Controlled Chaos, status: Offline (online 9 hours ago joined: Posts: 29309, Topics: 1152, location: Shadow World, reputation: 1496.4, votes : 167, topic locked.Move Like No Other, chase Down the sneaky Imp and recover the Grimoire of Arcane Ways.They are a tutorial for how order hall missions work, selecting your first champion, and how recruits work.The portal is there.Class Order Hall, the Order Hall is located in Mardum, The Shattered Abyss.Are you sure you don't have some quest in the log that you have neglected at some point?Copyright info, based on phpBB ro / com, this message appears only once, so like us now until it's too late!Malace in Vrykul Land Grab a flight from Aludana Whitecloud and find Malace Shade in Stormheim.This is where your choice during the Demon Hunter tutorial comes into play.After all that is done, your first real start is at level 103.They all start with Working with the Wardens and you can only do one at a time.Show only staff posts, author, message266, mentally Stable.Two Worthies Recruit Belath Dawnblade and Matron Mother Malevolence.

Topic is closed, you cannot post any messages in it anymore.The Demon Hunter campaign involves you leading the Illidari, finding out news about Illidan, and attacking one of the demon guess that game casino home worlds.Every Class Order Hall has their own story line.You can either get it from someone else, or get it yourself by completing the quest line to unlock the Obliterum forge.Into Our Ranks Recruit Akama/Shade of Akama and Kor'vas Bloodthorn.Let me know if you have any questions!I'm going to list the quests you get and what you must do, as well as when you get them.You Will Be Prepared This unlocks your Class order hall Helm set piece.