Watson Gear: Go to the right and pick up the gear propped on the separation fence between the fireplace and the canvas covered item.
Then the excitement begins!
Get Holmes to this side of the rail track: Go to the rail car full of crates that is on the tracks.
Read the newspaper article about what happened to the nuns in the convent.Feel free to order food from a local restaurant or bring your own!It hides a horse statue.They refuse to give the name of the leader of the organization.Click on the latch and Holmes asks for a pin.Return the stolen washing: Go back to the front door and knock. .In front of the house, Judge Beckett arrives and walks to his home.Click on London button to move the crosshair to that spot.If the correct alphabet is formed; an land based casinos in malta oarlock turns and a sound is made.The Reverend runs out to call the police.This series may seem downright prehistoric to some, but I found it to be surprisingly atmospheric, intelligent, and engaging, and Wilmer and Stock make a fine Holmes and Watson, in the top 25 certainly." 30 Galbraith further said of the Cushing episodes, "The 1968 Sherlock.See chemical elements chart on top of the box.Take the bottle of ether.Click the parts of the stick to complement the shape of the tumblers of the lock above.Climb the boards to check the window.

Take the bloody surgical scalpel from the table.Based on the Note from Farley's writing desk ; open DEF file drawer with the bunch of keys taken from the small table.Use the key on the medicine cabinet right of the balalaika.It is the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.Search the caravan : Remove the metal plate covering the broken chimney pipe.The knight chess piece-horse's head moves forward 2 squares and ends in one move to either right or left; like an L shape.Click on the guards' signing book on the table and the saltpeter - potassium nitrate on the shelf on left wall.Space bar shows Sixth Sense or the hotspots in the game as indicated by the magnifying glass.To guarantee a room exclusively to yourselves, you will need to buy all of the spots.
click on the blood soaked on the newspaper.
Holmes revealed what was in the note in Schielman's box.